What You Can Do

We urge you to act, because like the saying goes, ‘you can’t be neutral on a moving train, especially one that is heading toward disaster.’ Help send a clear message: inter-personal abuse will not be tolerated in our communities. People who show clear and persistent patterns of abuse are NOT welcome. Persistent, in this case, meaning both not taking advantage of the accountability options people put considerable effort into offering him, and continuing to act abusively. Below are some suggestions for how you can be an ally against abuse and act in solidarity:

Share this information with others. Direct them to this website, share it on facebook, print out pamphlets (on Thadeaus’ abuse history and/or snitching activity) to distribute.

Check out resources about domestic abuse and survivor support from a radical perspective. Check out the reading list by Support NY or download materials from Philly’s Pissed.

End associations to Thadeaus on myspace, facebook, friendster and other networking sites so as to not contribute to the social sanctioning of abuse and specifically someone who is not accountable for the abuse he perpetrated.

Frequent, organize events at, and otherwise support safer spaces. Patronize and organize events at spaces that have anti-oppression and/or safer space policies in place, specifically those that took a stand and banned Thadeaus pending progress in an accountability process (see list here).

Support those who have been or may be currently adversely impacted by Thadeaus, keeping in mind basic guidelines (Listen to them; Don’t put your spin on what happened or what should happen; Validate what happened; Respect how much or how little they want to tell you about what happened; Let them decide who to tell and when).

Contact us if you would like to support in other ways.

Keep loving;
keep fighting

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