Thadeaus’ History

Thadeaus generally promotes himself as an anarchist, a squatter, a dumpster-diver that doesn’t spend any money, doesn’t work, and doesn’t “care about his bad reputation.” On social networking and dating sites, he may simply portray himself as a DJ (Suggested D.), or a taller man with a beard who is into sex (strictly non-monogamy), music, and riding a bike. He is known to use internet dating sites including craigslist and okcupid to meet people who may not otherwise have access to this information.

Modus operandi: Thadeaus exhibits patterns of abuse and manipulation in many types of relationships, however, his tendencies towards manipulation and control seem to be more severe in intimate relationships. His behaviors run the gamut of verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological/emotional abuse and economic abuse (terminology). While, to some extent, his abuse seems to escalate as relationships develop, he is known to employ these various types of abuse simultaneously and they may reinforce one another. [more]

Thadeaus repeatedly called the police with witnesses present, and even provided false information, about people he knew and once associated with. [more]

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