Questions or Concerns?
Contact the SurvivorSupportNetwork[at]gmail[dot]com.

Want to express solidarity or disclose an adverse experience with Thadeaus?
Confidential comments to the NY grouping of the Survivor Support Network may be submitted to the address above. These comments will not be posted or shared unless specifically requested that we do so.

About Us
The Survivor Support Network is a national formation that is action-oriented towards radical approaches to survivor support. Our objectives include promoting education and skills training within and outside the network. By a radical approach, we mean based on the understanding that inter-personal abuse, in its various forms, is a widespread problem that transcends individual relationships and is linked to systemic issues within our society. In revolutionary movements, taking a stand against abuse to create stronger, safer communities is critical, even though to do so may be complicated or challenging. We offer respect and support to everyone out there doing this work. Aim high and go all out.

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