Community Efforts in NYC

Over the years, many individuals have confronted Thadeaus and/or tried to engage with him in interests of transformative and restorative justice. Below is a brief synopsis of the more concerted community efforts to hold Thadeaus accountable.

Meeting in 2006

At a benefit show for a survivor support collective, Support NY, Thadeaus was asked to leave because he made people feel uncomfortable. Thadeaus refused and consequently was physically forced to leave. People concerned about safety, comfort and accountability coordinated a meeting to deal with tensions between Thadeaus and that community. The emphasis of this group was to address the fact that members of their community did not feel safe around Thadeaus. During the meeting, Thadeaus denied his responsibility and minimized, ridiculed and dismissed the process. Since he apparently was not interested in proactively engaging about his behavior, the meetings ceased.

‘Circles’ in 2009

After approximately 8 months of cajoling and coordinating, a circle process was convened in October of 2009 after Thadeaus fulfilled the preliminary requirement of admitting to a bare minimum list of abusive behaviors he engaged in. After being met with resistance and various delays, the process was precluded after two long and difficult meetings. Therefore, Thadeaus is not accountable, but it no longer makes sense for people who were seeking accountability from these circles to engage with him in such a process now that his cooperation with the police became an unequivocal pattern. This website was subsequently created.

Below is the closing statement drafted by the facilitators of this failed process in late spring of 2010 confirming that he is unaccountable.

Dear Circle Participants:

A year ago, we agreed to take on the role of facilitators in a circle process to address Thadeaus’ abusive behavior (a circle modeled along these lines: (

The intent of the circle was to agree on steps that Thadeaus would take to be accountable for past actions and to transform his behavior in the future. As is probably obvious, the circle process has ended without a formal conclusion; the situation is not resolved; and the circle did not result in Thadeaus formally committing to any future actions (or accountability steps) that he would take to address the effects of his abusive behavior.

We worked hard in the role we agreed to as facilitators: to hold the space and to create an opportunity for the conversation to happen. With the circle over, so is our role as its facilitators. As we step away from that role, we are handing this situation back to you. We hope for the best, we hope that the situation can find resolve in the future.

We don’t believe this process ending precludes the possibility of future transformation for Thadeaus, or future ways for him to be accountable and address past actions. We encourage him to take active steps towards this, and we hope that those of you who are close to him will play an active role in encouraging that work in an ongoing, survivor-oriented way.

As individuals who were invited into this process, we were thankful for moments that held possibility. We hope that you experienced those moments too, and we hope that, as broader community, you all can find creative ways to move forward and address this situation that are rooted in transformative justice ( and a commitment to building a world of non-oppressive, non-violent and mutually respectful relationships.

[The facilitators]

P.S. To be clear: because we have been acting in a very specific role as facilitators, and not authorities, arbiters or mediators, we haven’t attempted to summarize anything about why the circle ended or what was discussed within it. So while this note is addressed to you all as participants, and is not intended to be a mass email, we aren’t considering this a confidential note. We do however ask that if it is shared — it is shared in its entirety.

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