This website is designed to provide information on patterns of inter-personal abuse perpetrated, and the lies and other mechanisms to evade accountability, by an individual going by ‘Thadeaus’ and residing on Tompkins Ave. in Brooklyn, NY. It was created only after a well-concerted attempt at a formal accountability process failed due to his behavior (see Community Efforts in NYC). Ideally, in part through this website, we’ll be able to elucidate and move beyond the smoke screens he put up in his defense over the last decade, including manipulative justifications and dismissals alluding to being called out as a ‘he said, she said’ affair when in fact many voices are calling for recognition of his abusive behavior and the far-reaching impacts of such on hundreds of people. People who perpetrate abuse often do so over and over and over again. Our collective experience with Thadeaus is a stark illustration of this. Take care of yourself and each other.


The rest of this website includes information on Intimate Partner and other forms of inter-personal violence, which may have intense connotations or bring up difficult feelings and memories. Please consider reading this when you are in a safe space and/or have someone available to talk to about the material in the event you would like to do so.

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